“Ketan” better known as “K-Ten », grew up with bursts of electronic music in his life. Electronic music has fascinated him since 2008, and he started his career as a DJ and Music producer. From there, Ketan began working intensively, experimenting with different styles of Electronic Music viz. Psychedelic, Ambient & Chill-Out, Techno, and Tech House to name a few. The combination of these styles has made him love underground music.
He likes to play a combination of Minimal and Techno that consists of driving and powerful ‘PHAT’ basslines, giving a groovy touch on the dance floor, and keeping the energy alive. His style and distinctive sound is liked by many and has also earned him accolades from some of the best DJs/Producers in the industry.

“There’s still plenty out there to get motivated by “– Says « K-Ten ».