Pascal Roeder


Rising artist Pascal Roeder has been asserting himself with passion on the techno scene since 2009.

Having cradled by diverse influences from funk to hip hop via rock’n roll and reggae, he offers to his audiences a universe which is clearly his very own.
Pascal Roeder has ended up by abandoning the classical instruments of his eary youth in favour of turntables and definitively turning to machines.

Accomplished composer, his music exudes from his soul. He masters his musical creativity, leaving no limit to his originality. His style is appealing, so much so that his personal touch is requested by many remixes.

Having debuted in Lyon , Pascal Roeder is launching out on the Net, and his Live performances are propulsing him in front of the public. For his first title, he signed with Italo Business , however today, the labels associated with the Roeder realm are uncountable: Globox, Capsula, 069 Techno, Amazone, Définition, Elektrotribe records….
He has now acquired international notoriety. From one engagement to another, while remaining faithful to his individuality, he is obtaining public recognition, but above all,
professional recognition (Alex Bau, Sasha Caressi, Stephane Signore, DandieUgo, Brian Sanhaji, Cristian Varela, Subfractal…)

After the French scene, the Berliner scene and projects for going beyond European borders, Pascal Roeder has the firm intention to share his music and,
at the same time, work with those who have confidence in him, which is why, today, his heart is turning towards the « underground » capital : Berlin…